OVM-227 Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker “Thirty Six” EP is out now exclusively at Beatport

OVUM_227Jacket“Thirty Six” EP is out now exclusively at Beatport
Since meeting in Berlin a few years ago, Spencer Parker and Ian Pooley have enjoyed long and prolific music careers both individually and as a duo, with past releases on Tsuba, Rekids, Cabin Fever and Plus 8 to name a few. Hitting the ground running in 2013, they return for another helping of underground house on Josh Wink’s Ovum imprint, following up from 2010’s Kinderteller EP.

Upon hearing the first two and a half minutes of Lerchen und Eulen you could be forgiven for thinking you were in for a potentially punishing workout. A relentless bass line undulates below 808 claps and ride cymbals, which in turn sit alongside a singular chord sequence that serve to lure the listener in. Then out of nowhere, they’re caught off guard with a secondary hook, creating a call-and-response pattern that somehow recontextualizes the entire song as a soulful beach-party groover, reinforced further by effervescent arpeggios and latin percussion.

“In My Head” itself is a masterful lesson in stripped-back, minimalist aesthetics. Pulsing synths dance around a driving, hypnotic drum-groove, with carefully controlled hi-hat volleys and skittering percussion underpinned by throbbing sub-weight. Mysterious androgynous vocal snippets drift in and out of the mix, swelling and morphing over the chugging bassline stabs that push the song ever forward. This, quite simply, is unadulterated; ‘lose-yourself-at-four-in-the-morning’ dance floor bliss, engineered with the guttural precision of two techno producers comfortably sitting at the top of their game.

Lerchen und Eulen (Radio Slave Remix) is a weird and wonderful trip, with a crisp, solid drum pattern being about the only element of the song, which manages to retain some sense of normalcy. Elsewhere, distant, spaced-out pads orbit around an unintelligible vocal sample, which positively drips with audio effects, to the extent that it appears to be bending its way through time and space itself. The mix is fleshed out with further unidentifiable sonic artifacts and eerie filtered strings, and the reversed chords in the breakdown only add to the off-kilter weirdness. They bring a strange warmth to the proceedings, before the hefty kick-drum/sub-bass combo punches back into the mix and the journey begins once more. Masterful stuff.

Joris Voorn – “In My Head is a great track! Also loving the Radio Slave mix here too! Very nice!”

Psycatron – “Love all three tracks but really REALLY love the Radio Slave mix, it’s Panorama Bar 10am vibes written all over it.”

D’Julz – “This is a great follow up release from Ian and Spencer!! I’ll be playing In My Head a lot!”

Craig (Silicone Soul) – “Really good feeling to this ep…Good originals and a great lowdown mix from Radio Slave too… mood is bang on!”

Ali (Tiefschwarz) – “I LOVE both of the originals and Radio Slave’s remix! A great Ovum release!!”

Carl Craig – “That Radio Slave remix is wonderfully freaky! Support!”

Rocco – “Always a nice long journey into the Deep with Radio Slave!”

Till von Sein – “Oh man, played the shit outta that Kinderteller joint… even had to force myself to take the cd outta the bag, otherwise I guess I would still drop it on the reg.. Lerchen and Eulen sounds like its the perfect follow up J… anthem alert…!”

Layo – “I love the original of Lerchen… such a great build to the track!”

Fritz Zander – “Good to see those two on Ovum again. Lerchen and Eulen is great as is the Radio Slave mix! Full support on these from me. Thanks!”

Behrouz – “In My Head and Radio Slave rmx will do it for me. Ian Pooley is on fire at the moment and Radio Slave rmx solid drum path great for the after hours.. full support.”

Karlos Sense – (Sonica FM, Ibiza) – “The finest of underground music… yeaaaah!!”

Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Diggin’ the skittering rhythms of In My Head!

Partysan Magazine Stuttgart – “Radio Slave remix is PHAT!!!”

Beatburguer, Spain – “Lerchen un Eulen is a bomb!! Hit in your face!”

Trax Magazine, France – “Nice release! Lerchen und Eulen original and Radio Slave remix are strong.”

Little White Earbuds – “Thanks, will make available to LWE staff for potential review.”

Mixside.com – “Radioslave remix is a 10 min journey out into space!”

Pete A – (DataTransmission/Ibiza Voice) – “A pretty heavy-weight collaboration here – exciting. The original mix of Lerchen und Eulen is great. That’s the one for me! Cheers!

Paul Corey – (Resident Advisor) – “Superior minimal funk from all involved here!”

Basti Schwarz – (Tiefschwarz) – “Great release… Ian is back on track. Great remix too. Super! Thanks.”

Anthony Collins – “In My Head is super nice, more quality and interesting stuff from Ovum.”

Hector Romero – “Lerchen und Eulen has got that wicked groove that’s gonna do really well for me.”

Tim Paris – “Radioslave remix is very nice!! Looking forward to trying it out.”

Tobi Neumann – “In My Head is a bomb tune, great! Thanks to the producers, again! I will play this for sure.”

Matthias Tanzmann – “Good stuff from the guys. At first listen I like the Radio Slave remix best but that could change J”

Jimpster – “Super solid EP, with all tracks standing out as something a bit special, certain to rock the disco nicely. Title track will be getting spun tonight for sure, yes indeedy.”

Danny Howells – “Wow what a killer release, although no surprise when you consider who made it. I’ll probably be playing every track from this. Thank you!”

Raresh – “Hmmm.. maybe the Radio Slave remix for me, but I’m gonna have to live with it for a while. Will let you know.”

Shlomi Aber – “The Radio Slave mix is simple and cool, the perfect balance!”

Luca Bacchetti – “Lerchen und Eulen will fit my sets with perfection! Classy with a touch of Latin, a little bit jazzy… thanks for this music!”

Greg (Catz ‘N Dogz)  - “Really good EP from Pooley & Parker, especially In My Head. Gonna be spinning that!”

Daniel (Trickski) – “Great, great, GREAT! I’m feeling both of the originals here. Will play this for sure!”

Nick Curly – “The next great release from these two… The original of Lerchen und Eulen is my fave here but everything is good! Thanks for that.”

Reboot – “BOMB ep!! What more can I say? Really feeling these, especially the remix.”

Darko Esser – “The Radio Slave remix is an excellent hypno groover!”

Rocky (X-Press 2) – “Would’ve been nice to see Fela getting a mention. Great tracks though, naturally!”

Nic Fanciulli – “Great ep from two of my favourite producers. Lerchen is my pick, working well for me.”

Doc Martin – “All mixes have their place on the floor. Solid EP from Ian and Spencer!”

Marc Romboy – “Very solid, old skool EP! My full support of course! Especially on In My Head.”

Joel Alter – “Lerchen und Eulen is beautiful. What a lovely melody. Thanks for sending this guys!”

Karotte – “Lerchen und Eulen and the remix from Radio Slave are exciting, will play both!!”

Voitek (Catz ‘N Dogz) – “I like how it sounds nice, warm and oldschool. In My Head will get the love from me!

Paul Woolford – “Feeling it all and looking forward to playing all three at different moments, thank you Ovum!”

Anja Schneider – “Love this guys!!! Big uppppppp!! Can’t wait to give it a spin.”

Uner – “Yeah!!! Ian, Spencer, Radio Slave and Ovum again! Full support to the hoooouse music!! J”

Master-H – “Radio Slave remix instantly stands out for me, thanks for sharing guys, will play! Love it! J”

Gregor Tresher – “In My Head is the one for me, great groover! Supercool Radio Slave mix too, as always!”

Tayo – “Great having some new Ian Pooley in the pile. Loving the title track.”

Basement (NRJ Radio, Beirut) – “Great one! Will definitely feature in this week’s show. Love Radio Slave’s Remix as well.”

AMDJS – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Radio Slave remix is a candy! “In My Head” is also a really nice tune. Will play for sure.”

Paris One Radio, France – “Radio Slave remix rocks! Full support from Paris One Radio.”

Makossa (FM4 Vienna, Austria) – “Great tracks!!”

Steve Parry – (Juice FM, UK) – “As cool as I’d expected this to be! In My Head steals the show though.”

Stephan Hinz – (Dasding Radio, Germany) – “Awesome release! Will play it in the radio show for sure.”

Klubbing – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Original of Lerchen und Eulen is my fave so far… great EP!”

Juan – (Defected Radio) – “Very, very nice. Ian Pooley has been on fire. This EP is great. Thanks.”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “In My Head and Radio Slave’s Remix are ACE! Full support!”

Laurent N – (Nice Radio, France) – “Superb Ep! Original tracks & Radio Slave Remix are MASSIVE. Will play & support fully.”

Christillization Radio, Serbia – “Amazing start of the year for Mr. Pooley! New album and now this, wonderful collaboration with Spencer Parker. ‘Lerchen und Eulen’ is damn good, can’t wait to play!”

Soundwall, Italy– “Considering for review.”

Tsugi Magazine, France – “Cool remix from Radio Slave!!”

Groove Magazine, Germany – “Thanks for the music. Will consider!”

Mike – (The Ransom Note, Data Transmission) – “As good as I expected from these two. Lerchen und Eulen will go off at peak time I’m sure.”

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