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  • David Alvarado

    American underground music possesses a spirituality and depth that can only come out of the cultural and social melting pot that is unique to this country. As someone who has spent more than a decade interpreting his life experiences into music, David Alvarado has mastered the art of creating music that truly touches peoples souls, not only here in the U.S., but around the world. He uses every sound, every image that comes in to his life as his inspiration to make music that evokes the spirit of an underground culture of music that has existed for the last century.

    While growing up in Los Angeles David forged an appreciation for music that was quickly being changed by technology. His early experimentation lead him to produce the “Las Americas Project”, a single that captured the attention of Plus8 records Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, who at the time were in the process of developing a new house imprint by the name of Definitive Records. Through this relationship David was introduced to other up in coming artist’s and labels such as the Toronto based Stickman Records and Philadelphia DJ Josh Wink. His experience and exposure to the growing house music community led him to begin his own imprint, Bomb Records, which further contributed to helping David expand his audience and develop his signature sound as an artist. Bomb Records not only was the vehicle by which David increased his global audience, but also featured then up and coming artists Kenneth Grahm, Eddie Amador, and Derrick Carter.

    The foresight that David exhibited with his own production and the selections for his label quickly sparked international interest and created a tour schedule that grew increasingly demanding. Despite his hectic travels David has remained focused in the studio and completed an impressive body of work for his own label, and for highly respected labels including Ovum, Ultra, Strictly Rhythm, Yoshi Toshi, Plastic City, and Peace Frog. In addition to his work as an artist he has created a catalog of highly acclaimed mix CDs for Chicago’s Guidance Records, Madrid’s Deep Sessions Vol. 2 and United DJs of America Vol. 15. All of which are now considered classics in there own right.This amazing producer whose tracks have been described as having the longest shelf life of any releases a record shop could carry is still hard at work capturing the hearts and souls of a new generation of electronic music fans.