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  • Luca Bacchetti

    Luca Bacchetti is certainly one of the best known DJs around: a prolific producer, he is well respected throughout the techno house scene. Of Tuscan origins, he has recently set-up his home base and recording studio in Barcelona. The scope of his background is far reaching - with influences ranging from hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass, and jazz - and, given his intimate connection to radio as a means of communication, has encouraged him to develop a deep sensitivity in his relationship with his public.

    What differentiates Luca’s work from that of a myriad of other producers out there is his strong personal identification with his music. His productions have the right amount of funk with a dark edge; but above all a great groove which makes his tracks irresistible on the dance floor.

    Luca’s bio and releases are really impressive: He’s produced for all the coolest labels around - including Wagon Repair, Ovum Recordings, Tenax Recordings, Supernature, Hideout, Sci+Tec, Safari Eletronique and loads more. With tracks consistently charting high on Beatport’s digital download site, Luca’s music has found its way to a wide spectrum of listeners. It’s easy to understand why: from squeaking, jerky minimal to wide-open, percussive techno and hypnotic, lights- out tracky house, Luca’s expertly produced music has earned him a reputation for nothing but high-quality, killer dance floor tracks. This status was further cemented in 2024 when Beatport nominated him as one the ‘Best Artists’ at its inaugural BMA 2024.

    His remixes for Danny Tenaglia, Alex Neri, Paul Ritch, Satoshi Tomiie, BIni & Martini confirm his status as one of the more eclectic remixers, setting him high on a pedestal as one of the most succesfull dj/producer out of Italy and worldwide. His partnership with Canada’s Wagon Repair crew has yielded an especially noteworthy series of successful and original EPs, with the African flavored ‘Nights Over Kwazulu’ showing-off a more musically challenging side to his productions.

    Ever since his early work for Tenax Recordings, Wagon Repair and right up to his latest productions for Ovum Recordings, Luca has revealed a very individual style in which his sensitivity and research throughout the production process come together with absolute technique in his live show. His sets are emotional voyages through techno and house … with an unmistakable groove and a rhythmic texture which often merge organic elements with the sensuality of house, the minimalism of techno and bass lines which become irresistible on the dance floor.. International tours regularly bring his performances to the five continents and to the best clubs and festivals, from Berlin to New York to Sydney, Ibiza and Tokyo..