The Fifteen for Fifteen Album Countdown: Day 3 with Chymera

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Ovum is excited to release its 15th anniversary album, Fifteen for Fifteen, this August 3. This digital comp album contains fifteen of our favorite tracks in Ovum history. You’ll be able to download all fifteen on Amazon and iTunes come August 3. Which tracks did we pick? Check back every afternoon as we uncover all fifteen, one by one.

Day 3: Chymera “Umbrella” (2007)

Chymera’s debut for Ovum is a power packed EP with remixes by the legendary Funk D’Void and Spooky. The original mix of “Umbrella” is a beautiful deep techno journey. The track has a very emotional feel and is clearly influenced by the sounds of Detroit. Funk D’void steps in on the remix and pumps the energy up and has kept the lushness of the track, but made a main room stormer. He picks the tempo up and keeps most of the original elements, but just picks makes the track more driving. Spooky funks the track out with a synth bass line that completely changes the vibe of the track. He keeps a lot of the elements there but this is now a funked out monster. You can hear this being played as the sun comes up after a long everning. All in all this is an amazing package and should be rocking the dance floors all summer. (Source:

In his own words:

“Josh heard my very first international release called ‘Xcela’ on Supreme Entertainment, and he got in touch to ask me if I could make an edit of it, as there was one part he didn’t like. I obliged, and afterwards he also asked me if I had any spare demo tracks. I sent on three or four tracks, including ‘Umbrella.’ I had made it about a week earlier. It was perfect timing and sheer luck because I would never have thought to send it to Ovum in the first place, even though I knew and liked the label.

At the same time, I also sent a copy to Lars a.k.a. Funk D’void who loved it so much he offered to remix it. Josh was also over in England and played the track for Spooky’s Duncan, who loved it too, and asked if he could remix it as well. So in a few tidy moves, we had the release wrapped up.

The final segment was Josh’s request for a beat-less version to use on radio mixes. This proved a tricky one, and I went through three different versions before we were finally both happy with the one which made the cut. And it proved a fortunate piece of work; I won third place in the Chillout Artist section of the 2007 Beatport awards due to the track.”  -  Brendan

“This release from the then up-and-coming producer Chymera included incredible remixes from Funk D’Void and Spooky.  The sleeper track on this release was the Beatless Mix.  Initially, Bren had done a shorter beatless mix, and Josh asked him to stretch it out.  The track ended up being nominated for best ambient track at the Beatport wards and is an incredible, intelligent piece of electronic music.” -   Matt

From DJs and clubs…

“More wicked stuff from Ovum! Very good, both of them.” -Pete Tong

“It’s all about that massive Funk D’Void remix for me here. Either as Funk D’Void or as Francois Dubois, Lars Sandberg just can do no wrong these days, especially when he’s putting out the stuff which is that good. Having been around for nearly a year now, it’s good to see his remix getting its official release at last. I will be playing it even harder than I used to do when I got it in the first place. Have already played it on my radio show, too” -Bartek

“Really feeling this Chymera release. I loved his single on mezzotinto, and this is ace too. Original is the best for me, but the Funk D’Void mix is great too. Full support. Can’t remember if I reacted to this or not. Anyway, I love it. One of my favourite records this year. Playing it all my sets out and every show on Mos Radio I’ve done in the last 4 -5 weeks. Brilliant record.” -Dave Mothersole

“Spooky mix—good dreamy melodic whilst maintaining girth!!!!” -Jnr J

“I love this track! Really summery and uplifting! Just put the original on my latest radio mix…” -Martijn Ten Velden

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