The Fifteen for Fifteen Album Countdown – Day 2 with Nic Fanciulli and Steve Mac

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Ovum is excited to release its 15th anniversary album, Fifteen for Fifteen, this August 3. This digital comp album contains fifteen of our favorite tracks in Ovum history. You’ll be able to download all fifteen on Amazon and iTunes come August 3. Which tracks did we pick? Check back every afternoon as we uncover all fifteen, one by one.

Day 2: Nic Fanciulli & Steve Mac “10%”

As a label, Ovum have consistantly lead from the front. Pushing boundaries, and releasing some of the finest house and techno of the modern age.  Today see’s the imprint give a debut to two of the most inform UK producers, Nic Fanciulli & Steve Mac.

The rise of Nic Fanciulli was a rapid one. His place as one of the most high profile DJ talents is now undeniable. His productions and electrifying DJ sets have lead to worldwide residencies, best selling compilation series and even a Grammy nomination. Whether producing under his own name or as ‘Skylark’ (with Andy Chatterley), his productions have never left the boxes of the world’s finest DJ’s. From his earliest outings ‘Thats More Like It’ and ‘Chiapet’ through to his incredible, current remix of Mark Broom’s ‘Jackpot’ on his own Saved Records, Fanciulli’s music has constantly evolved. making him one of the most exciting artists of today.

If we are to discuss archives of work, then none come much bigger than that of Steve Mac. From his early days as one half of the Rhythm Masters, which saw him remix a who’s who of house music, through to his highly successful crossover/pop remix work under his ‘Mac Project’ guise, Steve has constantly been at the forefront of modern dance music. Over the past 2 years he has gone back to his routes, fully concentrating on his own work, and delivered some of the most refreshing techno around. The launch of his own sMACk label in 2008 has provided Steve with a perfect outlet for his new material.

Today’s release sees the pair team up and deliver two incredible cuts. Born out of long, hot sessions in the their Ibiza studio, 10% is a techno roller. Awesome stuff, and a truly wonderful release.


In his own words:

“Ovum has been a very important label for underground music. It’s a label I have always looked upon for upfront, fresh music—one of my favourites that comes to mind was Josh’s ‘Evil Acid.’ It was a record I just dropped weekend after weekend, purely insane. Let’s hope we can see another 15 years of Ovum, big respect.

10% was one of those tracks where Nic and I just sat in the studio messing around with an effect unit making weird noises. We got some great sounds, very haunting but it was the B-line that carried it all the way though, it was just one of those records that worked. When we finished the track, we just thought of Ovum straightaway, we knew this was the right home for it, so we sent it to Josh. The rest is history.”   -       Steve

From the DJs…

Marc Romboy – “Why 10%??? 100%!!!!”

Adam Beyer – “Quality stuff. Will play in clubbier sets.”

Ben Watt – “Big room business. Will use judiciously.”

Darko Esser – “10% is a killer!! Can’t wait to play it out.”

Lee Burridge – “10% = 100% Bomb!”

Kiki – “Excellent party tools for the summer season!”

John Selway – “Quality, old school, high riding DJ tech house tools.”

Ewan Pearson – “10% a very useful rolling growler. Like it a lot.”

Dinamo FM Istanbul – “Not much left to say about this release. Spectacular. Full throttle!”

Mixmag – “Functional main room techno.” – “Lovely rolling techno beats here. Big up Josh, big up steve, big up Nic. Good summer vibes on 10%!”

Ashley Beedle – “Young Nic and Mr. Mac have nailed both cuts to the wall. Pure dancefloor and wonderful to boot. Big tings!”

Michel de Hey – “Cool release from a cool label!”

Christian Smith – “Very peaktime for ovum. i like it :) will play both tracks this weekend in Rio.”

Hernan Cattaneo – “10%, Massive!”

Gregor Tresher – “10% is excellent, will play this out everywhere!”

Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – “Liking the more stripped down approach – a cool release will play.”

Norman Nodge – (Berghain/Ostgut Ton) – “Just rave! ;-)

Tobi Neumann – “I just had to remind myself to work on the harder side of my range, means looking for some more techno tracks.. anyway there is to much house out now. this here is what i need, especially 10%!”

Matthias Vogt – (Motorcitysoul) – “Nic f is on fire and this ep is no exception at all. insane peak time stuff!”

Agoria – “Good team for great dj tools, will play those for sure!”

Davide Squillace – “I had it for a while… great stuff!”

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Check back again as we keep unveiling our top fifteen tracks.


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